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Created twenty years ago, ANTIOPE TRADUCTIONS is a professional translation agency specialising in international communication.

We put our experience and know-how at your disposal.
ANTIOPE TRADUCTIONS provides translations of all types of documents and guarantees you a faithful translation, entrusted to professional translators in all fields: legal translations, technical translations, financial translations, commercial translations, medical translations, IT translations, etc.

We intervene particularly in the following areas:

  • Translation of technical and scientific documents, user manuals, editorial articles, product data sheets, calls for tenders, patents, training documents, technical brochures, etc.
  • Translation of legal texts, , sworn translations, certified translations: translation of contracts, transfer of rights, memoranda and articles of association, leases, powers of attorney, regulations, heads of agreement, trials, expert appraisals (banks, insurance companies, etc.), surety deeds, general conditions of sale, civil status documents, patents, contracts of sale, employment contracts, mandates, conveyances, summary order injunctions, judgements, procedural conclusions, regulations, legal notices, court decisions, etc.
  • Translation of financial documents, economic studies, financial analyses, inquiries, articles from specialised reviews, annual reports, brochures, balance sheets, audits, taxation, minutes of general meetings, minutes of board meetings, letters to shareholders, etc.
  • Medical and pharmaceutical translation: study protocols, clinical trials, clinical studies, informed consent agreements, marketing authorisation files, technical arguments, technical data sheets, product labels, training files, experimentation reports, clinical trials, analyses of results, presentations of equipment, marketing files, product instructions, catalogues, nomenclatures, manuals for use of medical devices, specifications, instructions for use, monographs, filing for patents, minutes from symposia, etc.
  • Marketing and communication translation: advertising documents, brochures, catalogues, sales folders, inquiries, sales brochures, business letters, marketing files, press releases, company newspapers, commercial brochures, market studies, etc.
  • Computer translation: Internet sites, IT localisation, interactive menus, software programming, etc.
  • Translation of documents in Luxury, Fashion, Perfumes, etc.


All documents and services you entrust us with are handled with the greatest discretion. Our direct collaborators as well as our outside translators are bound to ANTIOPE TRADUCTIONS by a confidentiality contract. We can also send you a Confidentiality Agreement.


Observance of deadlines is an imperative that we respect scrupulously. Without ever sacrificing quality, which remains our top priority, we are rapid, translating urgent documents within a day, working nights and weekends.

  • 1 Technical, Scientific
  • 2 Legal, Certified experts
  • 3 Finance, Bank, Insurance
  • 4 Medical, Pharmaceutical
  • 5 Marketing, Communication
  • 6 IT, Internet sites
  • 6 Luxury, Prestige

Do you need an interpreter?

For your seminars, conferences, visits to factories, product presentations, we provide you with professional interpreters (simultaneous, consecutive, liaison or whispering translation) as well as with the necessary technical material (public address system, booths, microphones, headsets, etc.).

+ 33 (0) 1 47 53 99 28


32 rue Saint Marc - 75002 PARIS - Tel.: + 33 (0) 1 47 53 99 28 - Fax : + 33 (0) 1 47 53 74 99

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